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Cheap Calls to Algeria from UK - Dial 0844 497 7751 to Call Landline at 5p, Dial 0905 643 7751 to Call Mobile Phone at 20p. Call Algeria 5p 0844 497 7751
Cheap Calls to Australia from UK - Dial 0871 537 7751 to Call Mobile Phone at 6p, Dial 0844 790 7751 to Call Landline at 2p. Call Australia 1p 0844 759 7751
Cheap Calls to Bangladesh from UK Phone, Dial 0844 590 7751 to Call Bangladesh at 3p. Call Bangladesh 3p 0844 590 7751
Cheap Calls to Pakistan from UK Phone, Dial 0844 497 7751 to Call Pakistan at 5p. Call Pakistan 4p 0844 639 7751
Cheap Calls to India from UK Phone, Dial 0844 790 7751 to Call India at 0.5p. Call India 1p 0844 759 7751
Cheap Calls to Kenya from UK Phone, Dial 0871 679 7751 to Call Kenya at 7p. Call Kenya 7p 0871 679 7751
Call Nigeria 7p 0871 679 7751
Call Polland 1p 0844 759 7751
Cheap Calls to USA from UK Phone, Dial 0844 759 7751  to Call USA at 1p. Call USA 1p 0844 759 7751

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Why Juvino?

Making international calls is now very much easier with Juvino. Save 95% of cost while calling international numbers landlines or mobile phones from the UK.

You need to get the access number for the country you would like to call. Simply select the desired country for the drop-down box above, or use the menu to see all our listed countries.

"Using the Juvino International calling services is easy".

  •  >> Pick your phone, landline or mobile
  •  >> Dial our Juvino access number
  •  >> Dial the international number including 00 and you are connected
  •  >> Its very cheap, the best international call rates one can find.

It's cheaper and easier to make cheap international calls.

Making low cost international calls worldwide has never been easy as with Juvino, simply select the country; you wish to make a call and select the option, landline or mobile you would call from, you would be taken to instruction page on how to make the call, pricing, access number and other details in simple and concise terms. We have added a unique feature, once you select a country; we remember it for you so that you need not select it again at later time.