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Sometimes it is taking a long time for my call to get connected?... Read more
Asked by JUDY on 03rd Dec

Do I need any User Account or any registration to use this service?... Read more
Asked by John Lister on 01st Dec

Hi im try to used thise juvino to call kenya but is not going true... Read more
Asked by question on 14th Nov
Use the access numbers and then dial the particular Kenian number and call. Do not forget to add the country code of Kenya. The dialling process is like that

Access... Read more
Answered byColin On 17th Nov

how to use... Read more
Asked by guest user on 05th Nov

I call to Cuba?... Read more
Asked by frances on 23rd Oct

Do we need special SIM card to use these access numbers?... Read more
Asked by Tim on 07th Oct

Would you please let me know if these Juvino access country codes are changeable? Is it needed to ch... Read more
Asked by Nick on 10th Sep
Change is inevitable, but it is the rare case you find in changing these access code. Of course, you can save it in your phone-book for a long period until it changes.
Answered by Patrick On 16th Sep

I feel calling cards would be better than these number service... Would be good to hear if anyone ha... Read more
Asked by Scarlett on 04th Aug
As far as my survey in the cheap international calls, Juvino is the best service to call anywhere in the world and i enjoy a lot by these service to call globally .
Answered byTrott On 10th Aug

Hi, I am from India and want to make a call to my cousin who stays in London.Can I use juvino servic... Read more
Asked by Arvind on 02nd Aug
It would be nice if you ask your cousin to call you from UK using Juvino service. This service is only applicable from UK to call around the would.
Answered byWilson On 18th Aug

Cheap calls to Serbia?? Hi, Can someone please recommend cheap international calling options from... Read more
Asked by Renne on 21st Jul

I am planning to visit Australia for a couple of months .Could i get any good offers to call from th... Read more
Asked by malinga on 21st Jul

I have an O2 phone on contract in London. Can anyone suggest what would be the cheapest way to make ... Read more
Asked by Wayne on 14th Jul
Ya Wayne, it works on O2. Juvino works on all 4 big networks in UK (Vodafone, O2, Orange and T-Mobile). Go ahead and give a try. It is indeed a cheap option to make international c... Read more
Answered byShahid On 23rd Jul

I generally use VOIP to make cheap international calls but just came across the juvino service. If a... Read more
Asked by Johnson on 13th Jul
Juvino is built on the basis of "Access Number" and Skype works on the VOIP system.They are different by nature of operations. In skype there are various kinds of plans that provi... Read more
Answered byHarrison On 08th Sep

Can I Use Juvino to make Cheap International Calls from my T-Mobile Contract mobile? If yes, what wo... Read more
Asked by James on 09th Jul
Yes for sure you can, we can use the Juvino service from any mobile or land-line service. The process is also the same as we call for an international call, but just we need to app... Read more
Answered byNeil On 10th Sep

Does anyone have any idea about how to enjoy cheap international calls from the UK to Bangladesh at ... Read more
Asked by Ashraful on 08th Jul
you can visit juvino.com for the cheapest international calls and offers to all countries at the best rates.
Answered byGeorge On 16th Jul

Hi I would be moving to London by end of this month. I would like to know which is the cheapest and ... Read more
Asked by Waseem on 12th Jul
The best way I would suggest for your wondering calls is www.juvino.com which is the cheapest way to make calls to anywhere
Answered byArnold On 12th Jul

What are the best prices to call Indian mobile numbers?... Read more
Asked by scott on 07th May
Visit www.juvino.com for your clearification of your doubts regarding any kind of call of at anywhere.
Answered byJames On 14th Jul

can any one suggest some other sites for the cheap international calls?... Read more
Asked by richard on 06th May
I used many services for calling globally. On which, I felt Juvino is the best service provider for its quality and ease to call unlike calling cards and registering to websites.
Answered by Raphael On 01st Sep

Can anyone suggest some of the other cheap international call rates?... Read more
Asked by Don on 03rd Apr
I can suggest you the best site www.juvino.com
Answered bykevin On 03rd Apr



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